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The Bed & Breakfast Fio

Owner:   Fio Zulejka

Address:  Ul.Biskupa Dubokovica 8

Tel:    +385 21 741177

Mob:  +385 91 5276134

Mob:  +385 91 8824001



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The Bed & Breakfast Fio

Zulejka Fio Hvar

City Hvar

The city of Hvar is a unique fusion of luxurious Mediterranean nature, rich cultural and historical heritage, and mundane, tourist present.

Hvar’s history lasts already for the millennia. Its wealth and contents are a result of numerous circumstances and advantages of Hvar. Nautical position of the Port of Hvar is certainly important. From the very beginnings of seafaring on sails, the island of Hvar was situated in the centre of sea routes in Adriatic. The port of Hvar, being protected by small islands and of naturally excellent shape, made a safe haven for boats, hiding from perilous winds. As a frame for the first acquaintance with history, I extract the most important dates from the rich historical adventure of Hvar.One of the members of the family works as a tourist guide and will be happy to give you a walking tour of Hvar town.


How to reach Hvar

Regardless of what transportation means you use to come with to Hvar, undoubtedly you will experience a sea journey to island Hvar. When you see Hvar and start to enjoy in its benefits you will know that your journey has paid off.

You can obtain mostly all information regarding your stay in Hvar from us.

Zulejka Fio Hvar